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According to Jim

At the beginning of the year, we as a community of faith committed ourselves to not just being FAN’S of Jesus, but 1st chair, fully devoted FOLLOWERS of Jesus.

But over the course of our journey together, you may have begun to ask yourself some questions. For example:

• How do I deal with temptation?
• How can I hang on through intense struggles in my life?
• What are the signs that my faith in Jesus is real?
• How can I learn to shut my pie hole?
• What’s the key to being a person of integrity?
• How can I learn to look past the surface with people?
• How can I have more power in prayer?

If you’ve asks one or more of these questions over the last few months, then James is your book. If you’re ready for some practical, hard-hitting straight talk on what it means to be a Jesus follower, then saddle up for the no-nonsense gospel according to Jim.

Begins this Sunday. Grab your Bible, invite a friend, and join us!!

Pastor Mark

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