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American Idols – Dig Deeper

We have launched into a brand new teaching series here at 1st that we are calling American Idols.  Over the next few weeks, we will be examining the potential rival gods in our lives.  As a community of faith that has committed themselves this year to becoming better and more fully devoted followers of Jesus, we must be ever vigilant of the things in our life that we have the tendency to exalt to the place only Christ should be. 

So, beginning this week, in an attempt to help you better take the teachings on Sunday and personalize it for your life, I have included a series of questions.  Use them in your personal devotion time. Use them around the dinner table with your family.  Use them in your small group or with your running partners.  Whatever works best for you. 

My prayer is that by asking ourselves these questions, it will not only help us personalize the Sunday teaching, but it will identify the potential danger areas in our walk with Christ. 

This week, we talked about relationships.  How our desire for relationships are not bad, in fact their God given.  However, there is the potential of elevating the relationships in our life to a place that is unhealthy and ultimately destructive.   Use the following questions below to explore whether or not relationships are a potential rival god in your life.

  • Think about the relationships you presently enjoy.  Would your characterize them as healthy?  Destructive? Nurturing? Abusive? Trusting? Toxic?
  • How important are your relationships to you?  Are you a social person? A loner?
  • What part does God play in your relationships?  Which ones and how?
  • Think of a very important relationship in your life.  Now think of that relationship no longer being there.  How do you feel?  Devastated.  Why or why not?
  • What does it mean to have a relationship with Jesus?  How does a strong relationship with him flavor your other relationships-marriage, children, friendship, co-workers, and so forth? 
  • Why is knowing and resting in the unconditional love of God so vital for healthy relationships? 

Next week, I’ll post a whole new list of questions for us to use so we can dig deeper. 


Pastor Mark

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