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American Idols- Pleasure

  • What are some of your great pleasures in life? What brings your life joy?
Read: Ecclesiastes 1: 4-10
  • Verse 5-7 describe three natural phenomena that go around in circles.  What are they?  Does your life sometimes feels like its going around in circles?  Give examples.
  • What qualifies something as ‘new’ by the teachers definition?
  • What is the inevitable conclusion to be had and the message conveyed to a culture where pleasure is based so often on having the ‘latest and greatest’?
The Pleasure god
  • Be honest with yourself.  What do you enjoy doing more than anything else?  If you had a day completely free of responsibilities, all the money you needed, and no sense of guilt afterward, how would you spend that day? 
  • Does the search for a particular pleasure ever consume you?  Like you can’t seem to shake it from your mind?  Would you consider yourself an addictive person?
  • Imagine your most enjoyable day, doing exactly what your heart desires, something fun, something relaxing.  After that day, do you see yourself thanking God?  Trying to forget about God (so as not to feel guilty)?  Not even giving God a thought?  Why or why not?
  • Before Sunday, would you have characterized pleasure as a good thing, a gift from God, or as an idol that enslaves?  Why? 
  • From a Christian perspective, how is it possible to experience joy in life despite disappointments and hurts? 
  • What do the feelings of joy you experience in this present life teach you about Christ’s coming Kingdom, the time when there will be a new heaven and a new earth. 

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