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Bearing Beautiful Fruit

This week, in our Sunday teaching time, we studied Luke 6. 43-45 in which Jesus describes the kind of people who would be able to truly live out His teachings (stand with the poor/outcast, love their enemies, show mercy and forgiveness instead of judgment) and be healthy, mature human beings.  To be able to live this life, Jesus says, you need to have a brand new heart.  In other words, you can’t just change a few things here and a few things there, a little bit of Jesus here and a little bit there.  To be able to live this kind of life, that looks so different from the ‘climb the ladder, revenge/payback, criticism/condemnation’ culture we live in, we don’t need behavior modification – we need complete transformation.  We need to have a new, fresh wind of God’s Spirit blow into our dead heart and allow him to take us in a whole new direction. 

As I said on Sunday, the way that Jesus followers over the centuries, have ‘raised their sails to catch the wind of the Spirit‘ is through what are called the ‘Spiritual Disciplines’.  These disciplines (regular worship, prayer, simplicity, silence, etc) have guided followers toward greater maturity and a heart that beats more like the heart of Jesus.  

The following is a link to an article that I came across this morning from Christianity Today.  In it, three Christian leaders make a case for which of the spiritual disciplines are most needed in the 21st century church.  As you read it, prayerfully ask yourself the question: “God, what spiritual discipline do I need to raise up in my life, so that I can catch the wind of your Spirit and bear beautiful fruit for you?”

Pastor Mark

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