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Choosing Relationship

Based on the many conversations I’ve had with folks over the last few weeks, it would seem that God’s spirit is using the current teaching series NOT A FAN to move many of us from the sidelines to the playing field of Faith.

This past week, we saw that Jesus is not looking for FANS who know facts about Him, but FOLLOWERS who are pursuing a real relationship with Him. A key component in the building of any relationship is communication. That’s true also in our relationship with God. We speak to God about our cares and concerns – that’s called prayer, and He speaks to us primarily as we read His Word.

A method of Bible reading that has been particularly helpful to me in my relationship with God, has been what is called Lectio Divina or ‘Spiritual Reading’. It’s a method that has been practiced since the early days of the church. It’s comprised of 4 parts.

Reading: Read a section (chapter, etc) of Scripture. Read it over a few times until a certain word or phrase ‘jumps’ out to you.
Meditation: Turn that word or phrase ‘over and over again’ in your mind.
Prayer: Ask God, “God, what are you trying to tell me today through this word or phrase”.
Contemplation: Wait silently to hear God speak specifically to your heart, your situation.

Give this method a try, starting this week. I truly believe this way has the potential to take your relationship with God to a whole new level. To move from knowing FACTS about Jesus, to having a living relationship with Him.

One more step on the journey of us moving together from FANS to FOLLOWERS.

See you Sunday,


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