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Christmas Songs

This past weekend, we examined the songs of Mary and Zechariah.  Even though they came at their understanding of God’s purposes (and their place in it) on two different tracks, their songs nevertheless reflect a common refrain.  They speak of a God, who is rich in mercy, reaching down to the least, the last, the lost of society to participate with him in fulfilling His promises to heal the world.

This week, I encourage you to read the lyrics of these songs again (Luke 1. 46-56; 67-79) and allow this refrain to rattle around in your heart and mind.  Then find some time to ask the Lord to SPEAK to you by asking the following questions:

In these verses, is there any. . .

Sin to confess?  Do I need to make any restitution?
Promise to claim? Is it a universal promise?
Example to follow? Is it a positive example for me to copy?
Attitude to change? Am I willing to work on a negative, judgmental attitude and begin building a positive one?
Knowledge to learn? What do I learn about the nature and character of God? 

Let us, by God’s grace, seek to be more like Jesus!!

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