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Gift Ideas for Relational Giving

Being a part of the Advent Conspiracy means doing Christmas differently this year. One of the ways we can demonstrate that difference is in how we give to one another. Like Jesus, we can give gifts that draw us in a deeper relationship with the recipient.

Here are some more ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

Give creative coupons:

  • Babysitting for your worn out sister in law
  • Yard work for an elderly neighbor
  • Road trip adventure with your child
  • Car maintenance to change the oil in a single mom’s car.
  • House project to help them build that shed, plant that garden, convert a closet, etc.

Give a certificate for a day of doing something together:

  • A new bat and a promised trip to the batting cages
  • Copy of a classic book with a promised discussion to follow.
  • Wrap popcorn and a classic DVD for a movie night with a friend.
  • A Photo Exchange day. Have family members and friends bring 4-6 pictures that they have been holding in their computer.
  • A day hike together, you bring lunch.

Things to do with the Kids:

  • Make cookies and deliever them to neighbors
  • Make a scrapbook with pictures of time with the person you’re giving to, pictures to far away family.
  • Get a gift catalogue (like a World Vision, World Concern, CMF International) and sit down together as a family and choose one thing to give to someone half a world away.

Hope these ideas help. Remember, this is not about being grinch-like when it comes to Christmas. It’s simply trying to give in ways that are more like Jesus. To give of ourselves, not just our ‘stuff’. Try it. Step back from the empire of MORE, be thoughtful, and enjoy the celebration.

Pastor Mark

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