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God Whispers

The other day I was driving around town and listening to the local public radio station.  They were reporting on a study that was recently published concerning Chicago’s suburban schools. They said that over the past 15 years, more minority students have moved to the suburbs. But the study showed that suburban black and Latino students are attending increasingly segregated schools.

The report mentioned two districts the specifically illustrated this problem: District 300 (which includes Carpentersville, Dundee, etc) and U46 (which includes Elgin).   It said that these school systems most clearly showed the growing division between races and cultures.

As the program came to an end, many thoughts came to my mind.

First, I whispered a prayer of thanks to God, for giving me an opportunity to help lead such an incredibly diverse community of Christ Followers.  In a day when 90% of churches are made up of one race and culture, FCC looks very much like the city we live in.

Second, I heard the whisper of the Spirit speaking into my spirit.  It simply said, ‘This is the churches hour’.  Like Mordecai speaking to Esther and saying,  ‘And who knows but the you have come. . .for such a time as this’, I believe that God has placed us in this time and place to accomplish His Kingdom purposes through us.   In a city that is apparently growing more divided, God wants to raise us up as a living example of  His dream for our area.  That God is, right here, today, building a community where the old divisions, agendas, stereotypes, have died and been buried in the waters of baptism and something brand new is being formed.  A place where there is ‘no more Jew or Greek, slave or free, male or female’, but there is instead an unbreakable unity because of what Jesus Christ has done for us!

Church, this is our hour!  Jesus said that the day would come when the things whispered in secret would be shouted from the housetops.  Will you join me in shouting the message to our divided city what God is doing here at FCC?  Will you share it with your friends, neighbors, co-workers, everyone you meet?   God is up to something, and as for me, I want to be smack dab right in the middle of it.  I pray you do as well.

See you this weekend.


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