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Growing in God’s Garden

I’m not much of a gardener. 

But that hasn’t stopped me from growing different kinds of herbs and vegetables out on my back porch over the last few years.  Even last year, when we lived in a second story apartment in Austin, I had two or three pots filled will natures bounty. 

This year, I have tomato’s, onions, peppers, as well as basil and cilantro. 

One of the things I’ve noticed this year that I never cued into before is how plants seem to grow in spurs.  For example, I have plants that look like they are the same size as when I brought them home from the nursery, while others are growing like crazy.  Then what seems like overnight,  those plants that were growing like crazy seem to have stopped and others are suddenly HUGH. 

This has caused me to reflect on my own life.  Like these plants, my growth in Christ is never uniform.  I have spurs of growth, when God is teaching me things about myself, His Kingdom and the world that I never knew before.  As I begin to live those insights out, my spiritual life flourishes, my walk with God grows deeper, richer, than ever.  I don’t want this rush to end.

But then that growth is inevitably followed by a period of relitive dormancy.  I don’t doubt that I’m growing in my walk with God, it’s just that it is such small steps it seems nearly inperceptable to my eye. 

This inconsistancy used to upset me.  I felt like that as a follower of Christ, and as a minister of the gospel, I should always be experencing explosive growth.  But I have come to realize that whether we are talking about nature or our spiritual life, this cycle is normal.  That if we remain rooted in that place where we can continue to draw nutretients, when the time is right, growth with come. 

So my word of grace to you is that regardless of where you may feel like you are on that cycle, remember Jesus’ words ‘remain in me, and I will remain in you. ‘  (John 15: 4) and when the time is right, maybe even when you least expect it, growth will come!   

See you Sunday,


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