American Idols – The Idol of Power

Welcome to our new sermon series, American Idols.

How many of you are fans of the show?

I never really got into it. Never saw the point of taking time out of my busy schedule to watch people who can’t sing – sing on national TV. But isn’t it interesting how the word IDOL has become normalized in our culture? So much so that we have one of the most watched shows with the word in the title. Yet it’s something that people, even those who would not consider themselves religious, instinctively know is not necessarily a good thing. An Idol.

Which of these do you think applies to you?:
• What do you daydream about?
• What gives you a sense of importance?
• What do you look to make you feel safe, secure?
• What do you want to be known for?
• What do you spend the most of your time doing?
• What makes you most envious when you see it in others?

Brothers and sisters, these are the potential rival gods in your life.

These are your American Idols!!

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