Is God Anti Gay

Is God anti-gay? It is a question asked more any other. Just saying the word raises the tension in the room, doesn’t it?. It’s a subject that’s talked about regularly in just about every other arena in our lives, TV shows, movies, news headlines, political speeches. But raising the subject matter, here, in this environment, a subject that is so emotionally charged…makes many uncomfortable.

In fact, some of you almost didn’t come today out of fear of what might be said or what might NOT be said in the next 30 minutes. The topic of homosexuality evokes all kinds of reactions. There are those who have a strong distain, maybe even hatred of gay and lesbian people and there are those who live every day of their lives with a homosexual orientation.

In any case, the question presented to us today is "Is God Anti Gay?". Join us as we explore this delicate topic using the bible as our guidance.

Sermon Series Title: Is God…
Scripture Reference: Leviticus 18:22, 1 Corinthians 6:9-11

Is God Anti Gay?

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