Not A Fan: Completely, Committed Follower – Fan or Follower

There are encounters that we have that certainty mark us, pivotal moments that define who we are, where we stand, and who and what we are going to trust in. It’s true individually and it’s also true relationally as well.

Those pivotal moment when its time to D-T-R: Define the Relationship. This is how it works. When a young man and a young woman have been hanging out together. This is an official talk that takes place at some point in a romantic relationship to determine the level of commitment. You define the relationship and decide where things stand – is it casual, or is it committed? One of them will eventually say, quot;We need to talk. I need to know if there is a commitment here. It’s time to paint or get off the ladder. We need a DTR."

What is true humanly speaking is also true spiritually. God, who has pursued a relationship with us, will cause us, from time to time, to walk through circumstances to define where our relationship with Him really stands.

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