One Dedicated Life

As talked about last week, many people are still worshiping false gods today – believing they hold the ANSWER to what brings life, prosperity, and pleasure. They are more socially acceptable……Right?

Many worship false god of:

  • Money: If just had little more, then I’ll be happy.
  • Sex-addiction: Body image, looks, etc.
  • Power: Position, prestige, being in charge.
  • Career: Long hours sacrificing family.
  • Family: Children be a false god.
  • Recreation/Hobbies/Sports.
  • Food: comfort, security.

Anything that you turn to as your source for life, prosperity, for pleasure/happiness. Anything that takes the place of God.

Let me ask you. . . what false gods are you turning to. . . hoping that they will answer your deepest needs?? How well that working out??

Elijah suggests a plan that he believes will demonstrate that BAAL cannot be the ANSWER to what people are seeking. Join us here to find out what that plan is and how we can apply it to our daily lives.

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