Prayer That Brings The Rain

We’ve seen that Baal has been exposed as a complete fraud. Yahweh only ONE who answers our deepest needs, He’s one who rescues us from slavery to false and destructive forces. Hearts of people turn back to Yahweh. Back to this matter of bringing the rain…. To do that, Elijah does what been doing: PRAY.

Do we pray as the bible tells us too? The reality is, so many of us struggle with our prayer lives. Consistency is tough. Authenticity can be hard at times. We do feel like God doesn’t answer at times, yet there’s no getting around fact that prayer is vital aspect of our relationship with God. It is not optional for those who call ourselves followers of Jesus.

We’ve already seen Elijah is a man of prayer. Held up in the New Testament.

But if you guys will engage, if you will dig into God’s word today, I believe some things here that – if you implement – can change your prayer life forever.

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