The Christian and The Arts

At beginning of year, we started to dream together. . . what look like if there were a community of Christians in this city. . . who committed themselves to not just being FANS of Jesus. . . but FULLY DEVOTED FOLLOWERS. People who truly believe that IN JESUS, God HAS In FACT inaugurated His good and gracious rule on this planet. . . and it was open to anyone who hungered to live life way it was intended. That, through Jesus, one can experience power from God, real joy, forgiveness of sins, peace, victory over sin. . . and if that wasn’t enough. . . an eternity with God in a New Heaven/Earth. But also a people who understand it’s more than a person transaction between the sinner and God. It that God is inviting every one of us to partner with Jesus in His restoration project for the world –right here today.

To become FULLY DEVOTED of Him. . . learning the ways of this NEW Kingdom – a place where:

  1. Love trumps selfishness.
  2. Generosity overcomes greed.
  3. Justice replaces inequality.
  4. Reconciliation prevails over division.
  5. Beauty, creativity outshines what is ugly, base.

Which brings us to topic today. . .The Christian and the Arts.

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