Victory Over Temptation

Too many Christians believe we can ‘walk the line or ride the fence. Believe that we can have the best of both worlds. The good stuff of God and the ‘good stuff’ of the world. Some of you here this morning may be feeling like you have walked that line on too many occasions. That the blood of Adam flows through your veins. You have been tempted and given in on so many times that now the downward pull is seemly too strong to overcome.

The human mind tells us it is OK to be in the middle. Don’t want to go overboard with this Jesus stuff, still want to have fun. But that line dividing right and wrong is not a neutral zone. It’s a battlefield. And it belongs to the enemy-has been ever since fall of Adam. When we walk that line, we walk right into the devil’s hands.

Join us as we learn about the Victory over Temptation. During this message, we will look at the GOAL of temptation, NATURE of temptation, EXTENT of Temptation, way OUT of temptation.

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