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Starting Over

Coming in to the office today, I couldn’t help but notice how ‘green’ everything is becoming here in Elgin. It has been a long, brutal, winter and it is as if creation is suddenly coming back to life.
Many of us have also been suffering through a tough winter of sorts. A troubled economy, job losses, financial strain.
Yet, as I look at the trees and flowers staring to bud, I cannot help to think of the message of Easter. That, because of the Resurrection of Jesus, the world is now a different place. Regardless of what the pundits and talking heads might say, we as Christ followers know we live in a world full of potential and possibilities.
I thank God for the spring (and although I’m not looking forward to the summer heat, at least I’m not living in Texas anymore). Spring reminds me that winter’s grip has at last been broken and something new and beautiful awaits us.
Likewise, Easter reminds me that evil no longer has ultimate power. It has been replaced by something greater: A power to change lives and circumstances. A power to raise up that which had been torn down. A power to bring life and color to that which was once dead or dying, whether that be our dreams, our circumstances, our relationships, our community.
Will you join with me, in seeking to live out the good news of Easter. Let’s announce with our lips and our lives that ‘our present sufferings are not to be compared to the glory that awaits us’.¬† The gray days are giving way to a deeper and lasting reality and ‘gates of hell’ will not stand against God’s dream for us and the world.

Spring has sprung! Let’s live like it!

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