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You Were Put Here For A Reason

After Mark’s message on June 1, 2014, I just wanted to share a poem I came across about regret. It can help to serve as a reminder that Jesus loves you and still wants to work through you no matter what you’ve done in the past.

Sometimes when the night grows long
and regrets run through your mind,
you look back on your life
and wonder what you’ve left behind.

You’ve won no fame or fortune,
no title, power or land.
No loyal group of followers,
no one at your command.

You brood on all the chances lost,
when you could have had the prize,
But fate stepped in and stole it
right before your very eyes.

Is there any hope for meaning,
any legacy to leave?
Any way to join the ranks of those
who struggle and achieve?

Then a small voice speaks inside you
of a deed done long ago,
a trifling thing or so it seemed.
You had no way to know.
Your kindly act of charity
that turned a life around
and set some soul back on the path
where freedom can be found.

If not for you, would have gone undone,
only you could make it so.
You were put here for a reason, friend,
that only God can know.

Source page for this poem can be found here:

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